Titles go North and South in the Durham Ladies Invitation Tournament


City of Durham Ladies Invitation Tournament
Durham University Sports Ground
Saturday/Sunday, 2-3 November 2019

STOP PRESS 21 ladies contested the second edition of the Durham Invitation Tournament, now raised to ranking status. In addition to the main Singles and Doubles competition, organiser Tom Wakelam ran 4 separate age-group Singles competitions: Open, U18, U16 and U14. By the end of the two days 93 competitive matches had been played — and one friendly! Competitors came from Alleyn’s School, Cambridge University, Durham University, the Edinburgh Academy and, of course, the City of Durham Fives Club.

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1st round: C Petrie bt J Hutchinson 15-4; R Tofts bt G Edwards 15-6; L Hawkins bt C Elliot 15-7; J McIntyre bt C Millar 15-3
2nd round: M Nugent bt Petrie 15-0; C Henderson bt F Millar15-1; S Tustin bt H Brown 15-4; P Bracken bt Tofts 15-0; C Beattie bt Hawkins 15-2; S Lundie bt L Ware 15-5; P Atkinson bt A Calder 15-12; McIntyre bt H Nugent 15-13
Quarter-finals: Nugent bt Henderson 11-8, 11-2; Bracken bt Tustin 11-2, 11-0; Beattie bt Lundie 11-1, 11-3; McIntyre bt Atkinson 11-8, 11-9
Semi-finals: Nugent bt Bracken 7-11, 11-2, 11-9; Beattie bt McIntyre 11-1, 11-2
Final: Nugent bt Beattie 11-9, 11-4

Doubles (played in round robin format)

Winners: C.Beattie & S.Tustin. Runners-up H.Nugent & M.Nugent

Age-group Singles Tournaments

Open: Winner J.McIntyre. Runner-up H.Nugent
U18: Winner S.Tustin. Runner-up S.Lundie
U16: Winner M.Nugent. Runner-up C.Millar
U14: Winner C.Beattie.

Photographs by kind permission of Phil Beattie

Competitors from far and wide

All under control!

The Edinburgh Academy Blanket — required wear for fives watching

The coach dispensing wisdom

The spoils!

The Invitation Tournament Singles finalists receive their silverware

The Invitation Doubles winners and runners-up: South and North

The Open Singles champion!

The U18 Singles finalists: Edinburgh v. Durham

The U16 Singles finalists: Edinburgh v. London

The U14 Singles champion — home grown!


Well done, the Edinburgh Academy!

Tired bodies — 94 games completed!

Thanking the Organisers

The Organisers’ Perks


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